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A Day in the Life

Life Meter
Time is ticking away (geez, we’re in May already!), and it won’t be long before 2010 is over. So what will I have to show for it? When 2011 arrives, I want to look back over 2010 and feel like I’ve arrived—the true me—which would mean big changes and turning my dreams into reality. Kind of like the old applause meters that would gauge the sound level of an audience, I want to turn up my life (work, home, health, spirit) meter and see how far I can take it.

Faster! Faster!
I feel like no matter how much time I put in, I just can’t get “there” fast enough. In my 9-5, I’m assigned projects that have hard deadlines. If I miss those deadlines, it costs the company a lot of money, so I take my deadlines very seriously. In most cases, deadlines are pulled in, so I have to adjust and try to hand off work even earlier. I feel this constant push and, although it’s stressful, it keeps me on task and I get the job done.

In my personal pursuits, there’s no one there to push me; it’s all me, baby. Staying focused on pursuing my dreams requires a deep self-motivation; something I don’t have inside of me every day, especially after my 9-5. So I started to think of what I could do to help push me forward and make me feel like I’m really making some headway. Something that I could look back on in times of self-doubt that would push me through to the other side of momentum.

And then I came up with a Day in the Life.

A Day in the Life
A Day in the Life is taking a vacation day from your regular 9-5 worklife and turning into a working day for your dream (future) worklife. For example, if I want to be a writer, which is something I would like to pursue, I’d spend my day outlining my book, doing research, writing a chapter or two, or doing whatever it is that writers do. If I want to be a painter, then I’d paint. Photographer? Set up a photo shoot and start taking, editing, and posting pictures. It’s essentially giving myself permission (and the time) to try on new shoes and walk in them for a day. Do they fit? We’ll see.

What I Want to Be When I Grow UP
When I was a kid, I dreamt of being a writer, designer, singer, and line person for PG&E. (Don’t ask me about the line person, I can’t tell you why I chose that, but I did, and even did a report on it for school.) I don’t think I’ll try on the singer or line person’s shoes that day, but I will try on the designer and writer, and see where that takes me.

It Is What It Is
I know that the vocations listed above aren’t creative and fun all the time (especially the line person’s); there’s a business side to them too, which is often the bigger part of their day.  I’m going to send out some emails to people who are doing what I dream of doing and see what they think. Is my dream life everything I think or dream it is? We’ll see.

End of the day
At the end of the day, here’s what I’m hoping to get out of my Day in the Life:

  • A sense of purpose (was it fulfilling? did time fly? was I energized?)
  • A taste of my  what my future life could be (was I happy with what I tried or do I want to change it, based on what I now know?)
  • A plan of action for the rest of the year (what can I do to build on this experience?)

I’ll then reflect on the day, write about it on my blog and, who knows, maybe they’ll even make a movie about my experience! (LOL!) At the very least, I hope to inspire someone else to schedule their own Day in the Life and give themselves permission and time to pursue their dreams.

The Day
The day I’m targeting is May 10th. Wish me luck!

If you could take a day to pursue your dreams, what would your Day in the Life look like?


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  3. Merry

    Fun! What a fun thing to do– and pursue. After all, experiencing a slice of the life you want will confirm or negate that dream. Just be careful to not let distractions get in the way. They can easily occupy your space of mind devoted to your pursuits.

    Do you know in fact what writers do? How much time is spent writing? Or photographers– how much time is spent setting up a gig, maintaining equipment (making sure you have the right stuff for the venue at which you are shooting).

    Good luck! Can’t wait to read how it turns out.

    Funny, we are siblings and share a lot of the same dreams (though mine wasn’t about singing– more so dancing). I would love to try out a day in the life of a writer, and a photographer. I would also add checking out a day as a life coach, and an FBI or CSI agent. Checked into the FBI scene and I am “too old” to be an agent– they have an age limit. Booo hooo.

    Go get ’em Kristina!

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