Owning Kristina

Mojo Monday: Week Five

Having just come back from an emotional 4-day trip to paradise, I’m veklempt to say the least and, quite honestly, wasn’t sure how I would approach this Monday’s mojo.

Right before the trip, I started to watch Fierce Grace: a documentary about Ram Das and his life post-stroke. (If you’ve never heard of Ram Das, I suggest you Google him—his life in the 60s was fascinating and his enlightened adventure continues to this day.)

So, coming off of my Hawaiian punch this afternoon, I took my dog for a walk on West Cliff. We walked in the sun, ran (and dug) on the dog beach, and watched the pelicans paraglide overhead. Needless to say, it was a glorious day and something I refuse to take for granted ever again.

After returning to the house, I made myself a quick veggie quesadilla and resumed watching Fierce Grace. I took a lot away from the story but what really *stuck* was the importance of living in the moment.

Essentially, whether good things, bad things, or no-things happen to you, in each conscious moment is where our (fierce) grace resides.

This weeks’ affirmation reminds us the importance of BEing here now. Say it out loud, rinse, and repeat when you find yourself jumping ahead or feeling like you’re falling behind. Living in the moment, you’re actually right where you should be.

In this moment, I am completely happy and satisfied.

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